Яна Василева (1995, Пловдив) живее и работи в София. Работи в областта на съвременното изкуство, експериментирайки с различни медии и техники като: живи инсталации, обекти и видео. Интересите и са насочени към био изкуството и дигиталните изкуства. А темите които изследва са свързани с паметта. 
GINKGOBILOBA е проект, който e фокусиран върху темата за колективната памет. Растението Ginkgo biloba е вековно, то символизира издръжливост и дълголетие.

trohi (Петър Пармаков и Йоана Робова) е артистично дуо от София, което работи в сферата на експерименталната музика и саунд дизайна. Подходът им е освободен, в композициите си използват разнообразие от акустични инструменти, аналогови и дигитални синтезатори, записи на среда, силно третирани вокали и ефекти. Освен периодичните изяви на живо, през последните десет години са участвали като композитори и саунд дизайнери в различни проекти в сферите на театъра, киното, съвременния танц и пърформанс, аудио-визуални инсталации, анимационни филми и други.


One-Channel Video Installation Projection Mapping, Print, Drawing 2021

A Tale of the End

Bio-art installation

Aksiniya Peycheva (Bulgaria)

A Tale of the End is an interdisciplinary project in which the artist Aksiniya Peycheva collaborates with the physicist Martin Yordanov and Yordanka Dermendzhieva (microbiologist).

The project is an ongoing dialogue between visual art, artificial intelligence and microbiology. During this process, a constant transfer of the same visual information occurs between these three fundamentally different fields.

Top dog

Ivelina Ivanova & Martin Lukanov (Bulgaria)

Kunst-art, animation

Marina Genova (Bulgaria)

Kunst - art is an experimental animation featuring conversations with real people on topics related to art, philosophy, activism and the environment. A hybrid between documentary and documentary animation, sitcom and show, among the aims of the project is to be educational. The animation will feature guest artists and people from various fields.


Veronika Tabakova & Yana Melamed  (Bulgaria)

"DigiPhysics is an interactive audio-visual installation that explores the relationship between humans and the digital world. The project engages the viewer as an active participant and provokes them to rethink the relationship between the physical and the digital.

“Вдишай - издишай” - Interactive kinetic light sculpture

Mario Stoynov

"Breathe In - Breathe Out" embodies characteristics of an everyday practical object that has acquired human qualities in its mission to provoke change and engagement. A series of technical tools work in symbiosis to create a useful object that not only provides information about its surroundings, but also shows its viewers that they are in control of it. By sharing with them one of the most human of actions, breathing, the object 'comes alive'.

“Altered Voices” 

The project "Altered Voices" aims to explore holograms, both digital and analogue, by addressing the manipulative aspect of this technology. The basic principle of the hologram is "The part contains the whole and the whole is contained in the part". Holograms and hologram technologies have a wide application and distribution: for example, they are often used in live musical performances, videos and animated films.

Petko Tanchev was born in 1985 in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. In 2010 he graduated as an MA in Scenography at the National Academy of Arts, Sofia, and later continued his studies as a PhD student in Digital Arts. Since 2016 he has been teaching the course "Visual Programming Tools" in the same specialty. He is co-founder of the audiovisual collective Melformator and Senselab studio. In his work as a visual artist, Petko Tanchev uses software systems and media content with an experimental focus. His professional activity includes a number of original installations for national and international festivals, digital performances, scenographic projects, mapping projections, video art works, interactive designs in the field of performing arts.