1997, Anna Maskava, ONE Gallery

Video, 2023
05:07 min

The video "1997" was originally created for Maskava's performance "1997" which premiered at the Riga Performance Festival Starptelpa in 2023. This video seamlessly combines the artist's childhood footage, the vibrant celebrations of 1990s Latvia, moments from her grandmother's recent birthday, and a nostalgic exploration of the Soviet-era building where the artist spent her childhood years.

The performance "1997" is an autoethnographic art piece centered around the act of storytelling. By weaving together personal anecdotes, family history, and reflections on growing up in Latvia's countryside during the 1990s, the artist invites the audience into their subjective experience, and creates a deeply personal narrative that resonates with their own memories and broader socio-political context. The piece also juxtaposes these personal stories with current global events, fostering a dialogue between past and present, personal and political. The performance format, tailored for just 1 to 3 spectators at the same time, enhances the intimate atmosphere, allowing for a profound connection between the artist and each audience member. 
You are invited to experience a condensed version of the performance and engage in a conversation with the artist on Saturday, October 28th, starting at 5:00 PM.

Event date
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12:00 - 19:00