Exploring Autonomous Drones and Synchronized Choreographies in Human-Drone Interactions / Florian Goralsky, National Academy of Art

Florian Goralsky is a director, software developer and co-founder of bok o bok. He is the co-creator and developer of the drone choreography of the performance "Flying Bodies across the Fields", which will open the performance program of DA Fest 9 on 24.10.2023 at the PRCI Toplocentrala.

This workshop aims to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of the recent advancements in drone technology, the principles of choreographing drone movements, and the potential for human-drone interactions.
• Introduction to Autonomous Drones: Participants will gain insights into the fundamental concepts and applications of autonomous drone technology.
• Choreographing Drone Movements: Participants will explore techniques to design flight patterns, formations, and dynamic movements.
• Human-Drone Interaction: The workshop will explore human-drone interactions through gesture-based controls.
• Synchronized Drone Choreographies: Participants will work in teams to conceptualize and design synchronized drone choreographies. They will discover the importance of coordination, precision, and timing to craft aerial performances. This workshop is designed for enthusiasts, artists, engineers, educators, and anyone curious about exploring the synergy between humans and drones in synchronized performances. No prior experience in drone programming is required.

Workshop fee: 30 BGN

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