Movie screening and Q&A / DARV, National Academy of Art

Steps Untold 1.0, 2023, 30’ - screening of the documentary movie about the project Steps Untold 1.0 (2021) - a series of site-specific mixed reality interventions performed on public stairways.

The DARV Collective provided a conceptual, curatorial, and technological framework within which eight artists from different countries were invited to develop their own projects. Two groups of choreographers, experimental sound artists and non-professional performers created the performative interventions "Not Here, Not There" and "Treasures" in 2021 over a period of five months under lockdown conditions. The real-time performance and the digital narratives got merged in the DARV augmented reality application, resulting in an interwoven composite piece that can be viewed on portable devices and on the stairways.

By documenting the rehearsals, the creation of AR performances in a green screen studio and on the stairways, as well as conducting interviews with project participants, the documentary provides insights into the working process and showcases the final presentations in public space.

The projects premiered at the FMR Festival in 2021, on the stairways of the Ars Electronica Center Maindeck in Linz, Austria.

Violeta Ivanova and Mihaela Kavdanska (DARV Collective), will be present for Q&A after the screening.

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