DARV is an Art & Tech collective founded by Mihaela Kavdanska (media artist), Violeta Ivanova (conceptual artist) and Florian Weinrich (software developer) in 2020. DARV realizes a series of Art & Tech projects connecting different art forms and disciplines, utilizing technology as a mediator and catalyst.

DARV is also the name of an open source AR application designed for artists and art educators using augmented reality in different artistic contexts.
Mihaela Kavdanska (media artist)

Mihaela Kavdanska works as a media artist and researcher, creative director, cultural manager, lecturer, curator, and producer of exhibitions, festivals, and TEDx events. She is co-founder of DARV collective, FURNA art & culture, AVmotional and KOTKI visuals. Originally from Bulgaria, she currently resides and works in Linz, Austria.

Over the past 20+ years of her career in the arts, Mihaela Kavdanska has been involved in a wide range of personal and collaborative interdisciplinary projects. Her accomplishments include receiving awards and numerous fundings, as well as exhibiting and performing in galleries, museums, festivals, and public spaces across Europe, the United States, and Asia. A selection of venues and events: MNAC Bucharest, Essl Sammlung Museum Wien, Casino Luxembourg, Ars Electronica Center Linz, National Museum of Foreign Art Sofia, International Centre for Contemporary Art Bucharest, Museum of Art Arad, Württembergischer Kunstverein Stuttgart, National Center for Contemporary Dance Bucharest, Cleveland Public Theatre & Playhouse Square, National Theatre Timisoara, Kosmos Theatre Vienna, Ars Electronica Festival, VIENNAFAIR, Kinetica Art Fair, Crossing Europe Film Festival, Tanzhafen Festival, DAfest, Videomedeja, CAMP Festival, Simultan Festival, Post Screen Festival, Pixxelpoint Media Art Festival, eXplore Dance Festival, Unpainted Media Art Fair, The Wrong Biennale, TEDxLinz, Oil Tank Culture Park Seoul, Paradise Art Festival Seoul, MAFA, etc.

Violeta Ivanova (conceptual artist)

Violeta Ivanova was born in Bulgaria After her study in the National Academy of Arts, Sofia/Bulgaria, she graduated with a Master degree in Sculptural Conceptions/Ceramics at the University for Art and Design, Linz/Austria. Since 2016 she has been a freelance visual artist, based in Austria. In her projects Violeta Ivanova interweaves personal experiences and observations on the nature of things and human beings. She experiments with unconventional materials and uses a broad range of media. In parallel to her individual projects, Ivanova often collaborates with artists from different fields. Despite the variety of expressive means and themes, her works bear a common characteristic feature – the use of metaphors and indirect messages that invite the viewer for deeper reflection and interpretation. Participation in projects in Japan, China, South Korea, Scothland, UK, Austria, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Cyprus.

Florian Weinrich (software developer)

Linz-born software engineer Florian Weinrich has worked on various artistic and non-artistic projects over the last few years. After finishing education in media technology, he worked at media agencies and startups. In 2019, he became self-employed and started working on local and international projects in cooperation with other European artists and media agencies. In addition, he works on real-time visual applications, web projects, and hardware prototypes in Linz and Berlin.

www.darv.org | @darv.project | https://furna.at/ | https://darv.org/ar-editor

Movie screening and Q&A / DARV, National Academy of Art

Steps Untold 1.0, 2023, 30’ - screening of the documentary movie about the project Steps Untold 1.0 (2021) - a series of site-specific mixed reality interventions performed on public stairways.

DARV Art & Tech Workshop: Augmented Reality Art in Public Spaces / DARV, National Academy of Art

The workshop's program includes a brief presentation of DARV collective's projects and the DARV augmented reality application, specifically designed for artists and art educators.

Steps Untold 2.0: Stories of Reverse Migration, AR Interventions in Public Space & Guided Tour, DARV

The DARV Collective (Violeta Ivanova, Mihaela Kavdanska and Florian Weinrich) will present new augmented reality interventions in public spaces as part of their ongoing Steps Untold project.