Installation by Zimoun, Academy Gallery

210 prepared dc-motors, cotton balls, cardboard boxes 60x60x60 cm
Zimoun 2011/2023

Zimoun's works encompass opposing positions and roles, such as the principles of order and chaos. His works can be arranged in a geometric pattern or arranged and installed according to a system, but they behave chaotically and act - within a carefully prepared framework of possibilities - in an uncontrollable manner as soon as they are mechanically activated. Like a clinical study, the model and the systematic approach allow an overview so that the chaos generated by the mechanical process can be better analyzed. Mass and individuality also belong to these opposing positions. 
The artist often uses a large number of identical elements, but each element develops its own individuality and unique nature through the dynamic interaction of mechanism, rotation and material. Mechanical elements prepared by hand in the studio, which have a consistently reduced, minimalist form, function, and aesthetic, possess only an apparent precision, because hand fabrication creates a deviation from the ideal treatment of the material, allowing for inaccuracies that emphasize, enable, or even provoke the emergent individual behavior of the materials.