Homo Vespertilio

The project "Homo Vespertilio" (from Latin: "Man - Bat") emerged as an idea for conceptual art as a result of a case study by Prof. Dr. Atanas Totlyakov and Prof. Dr. Mladen Mladenov on the topic of the changing nature and the extensiveness of art, or more precisely, as a result of the question "How would art change if it were to be perceived by bats (or people with the senses of bats)?"

The collective of students in 1st year 2022/2023, majoring in Drawing and Intermedia at St. St. Kiril i Metodii  (Rada, Stella, Andrea, Valentin, Radi) took on the task of creating such art. As a result of discussions and research, the idea of a newly discovered by scientists ancient human-like civilization with bat-like features was born, which would have the capacity to create and perceive art through its point of view. Applying it to the project requires creating an appropriate potential environment for such a civilization (caves, cave architecture) and its art, as well as finding a creative and spectacular way to present it to the audience, namely a fictional documentary that resembles the real one - through the use of real factoids, digital images, etc.

In addition to the documentary, the Homo Vespertilio project includes elements that resemble real museum exhibits: props serving as artifacts, photographic material, a 3D-printed model of cave passages, and a ritual hall that served the civilization in question to create its art.

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11:00 - 19:00