E-valuation 3 projects: Yana Vassileva, raw lab, trohi / Triangular Tower of Serdika to RHM Sofia

Triangular Tower of Serdika, Regional History Museum Sofia, bul. Maria Luiza 16,

Projects by artists part of e-valuation 3.0.: Yana Vassileva, raw lab, trohi, 24-28.10.2023

"e-valuation" is a platform of DA LAB Foundation for the development and support of Bulgarian artists working in the field of digital arts. Ten new projects have been produced since its inception in 2020. In DA Fest 9 we showcase the projects of the selected artists and collectives from the third edition of the platform.

"Fabricated Truth and Other Myths of Human Annotation" by the Raw Lab collective frames the processes implicit in the development of machine vision and questions meaning frames and the importance of context in reading images. Raw Lab recover context that is intentionally omitted, exposing techniques typical in the development of artificial intelligence.

Yana Vassileva's "(In)Exhaustible Memory" is a project that recycles other people's memories and old photographs, turning them into a breeding ground for the in vitro plant GINKGO BILOBA. Yana Vassileva's work explores the theme of memory, the relationship between materiality and its essence, trying to revive and preserve it in another form.

"New Gods / New Rituals" is an audio-visual installation inspired by a variety of spiritual practices that over the millennia have been an expression of the human desire to connect with the sublime. In the interpretation of the trohi collective, the ritual space has undergone a particular physical metamorphosis, and the connection to the sacred has been replaced by an interaction with the very present.

We also present the interdisciplinary project / Homo Vespertillio / of a group of first year students in the special. "Drawing and Intermedia" at the University of Veliko Tarnovo. The idea for the project arose from a case study on the theme of the changing nature and vastness of art. The project presents a fictional race, a combination of humans and bats, in the form of an extinct civilization, through a documentary and museum exhibits. The film is a docu-fiction style, designed to mimic a real science show. It uses animation, music, voice-over, 3D modelling and photo processing. The students made the artifact exhibits themselves using clay, moss, and other materials. The authors of the project are Stella Karailieva, Radi Goranov, Rada Doncheva, Andrea Dimitrova and Valentin Sabinov.

We also present the project of Petr Ivanov:

"I graduated from Dobri Hristov National School of Arts in Varna in 2023. I took part in the exhibitions of the Ludogorie Biennial 2023 in Razgrad and Orpheus Talents Competition 2022 in Plovdiv. I am currently a 1st year student of scenography at the National Academy of Art. My work is called estrés translated from Spanish stress and shows how fragile our well-being is."

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