DARV Art & Tech Workshop: Augmented Reality Art in Public Spaces / DARV, National Academy of Art

The workshop's program includes a brief presentation of DARV collective's projects and the DARV augmented reality application, specifically designed for artists and art educators.

In the second part of the workshop participants will engage in concept creation, content sketching, and its implementation in AR within urban environments. The DARV team will provide guidance through this hands-on experience.

Art students and professionals are invited to join, and they are encouraged to bring objects relevant to their work or personal life. These objects will be 3D scanned, photographed, or video recorded and integrated into Augmented Reality at a location of their choice. This content creation process will be conducted entirely on phones or tablets, and the AR results will be instantly accessible.

The participation in this workshop is free of charge. Subscriptions at office@furna.at until October 23d 2023.

Info: darv.org, @darv.project, furna.at

DARV App is a collaborative augmented reality platform that integrates software tools and concepts for AR experiences. Users can upload objects tied to real-world positions using a web interface, leveraging GPS and location-based AR. Additionally, objects can be anchored to image-based markers (marker-based AR). These objects encompass various media files such as photos, videos, live streams, or 3D scans of physical spaces and objects. The web interface of DARV Online allows users to control all parameters related to the position and appearance of these objects in the virtual space. For visualizing this data, DARV Online provides Android and iOS AR apps.

Аbout DARV:

DARV is an artistic collective founded by Mihaela Kavdanska (media artist), Violeta Ivanova (conceptual artist), and Florian Weinrich (software developer) in 2020. They create and produce Art & Technology projects that bridge different art forms and disciplines, using technology as both a mediator and a catalyst. 

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