Flying bodies across the fields / Florian Goralski and Veronika Akopova, Toplocentrala

Flying bodies across the fields 

bok-o-bok: Florian Goralski and Veronika Akopova (France)

Toplocentrala, Hall 2, 24.10.2023, 20:00

"Flying Bodies Across the Fields is a contemporary dance performance for four performers and a swarm of drones that explores the phenomenon of bee extinction and the use of drones for pollination to compensate for this loss.

"Flying Bodies in the Fields is a poetic attempt to answer this important question: can machines create life and save us from ecological catastrophe? Bodies in Motion in the Field. Above them, drones pollinating to compensate for the disappearance of bees. Conducted by a beekeeper and drone programmer, a master of fertilization algorithms. This work is choreographed science fiction, offering a reflection on the delicate balance of our ecosystems, man's recourse to technology to compensate for the loss of living species, and the limits of our ability to mimic nature.